Civil wedding in the municipality of Chersonissos

A civil ceremony is feasible in the Municipality of Chersonissos. The City Halls in all Municipal Units Gouves, Episkopi, Chersonissos and Malia, provide all the necessary facilities.

There are spacious wedding halls and the friendly personnel will help you create festive and warm atmosphere.

Your Date

Documents required

  • Passport  (for Bride & Groom)
  • Full Birth Certificate* (for Bride & Groom)
  • Certificate of No Impediment* (for Bride & Groom)
  • If Applicable
    • Proof of parental consent stamped by a solicitor
    • (if Bride or Groom is under 18 years of age)
    • Decree Absolute* (if the Bride or Groom have been married before)
    • Deed Poll * (if the Bride or Groom have legally changed their name)
    • Adoption Certificate * ( if the Bride or Groom are adopted)
    • Death Certificate * (if Bride or Groom is widow/widower)


All of the above official documentation with * must be Apostile stamped and translated into Greek (including Apostile) before the couple arrives.


The Certificate of No Impediment must read Chersonissos, Crete, Greece and it is only valid for 3 months from date of issue. The name on the passport must match exactly the name on the Certificate of No Impediment and also on the Birth Certificate (if not married before).

If there are any differences, i.e. first and second names transposed or spelt differently, they will not be accepted

Translation in Greek

The documents must be legally translated by :

  • Greek authorized lawyer
  • Foreigners translators are accepted if only their translation is signed in addition by the Greek embassy in his/her country.
  • Greek Ministry of foreign affairs in Athens (department of translation)
  • Translators graduated from the Ionian university of foreign languages in Greece.
  • The Greek embassy in his/her country.

Days, Times, and Venue of Civil Weddings

Civil weddings in the Municipality of Chersonissos can be scheduled:

  • Monday and Wednesday, 09:00 – 14:00 at the Town Halls in Chersonissos, Episkopi, Gournes and Malia.
  • Friday and Saturday, 16:00 – 20:00 in Public places in the municipality of Chersonissos.